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Welcome to the 2013 BMFG Network! This is your one stop all the information you need to know about Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison Colorado. This site will supply you with all the information you need to know about where to eat, what activities are offered in and around Gunnison Colorado, and how to catch more and bigger fish! Read through our pages and enjoy what we have to offer, all on one website!
Blue Mesa Reservoir is Colorado's largest body of water and offers plenty of Activities for a great Colorado vacation. There is a lot of history that surrounds Blue Mesa Reservoir and the historic ranch town of Gunnison. Our network hopes to offer you as much information as possible, as a credible source that will be helpful if you’re planning a fun filled vacation to Southwest Colorado. Blue Mesa sits at 7491.3 feet above sea level and is nestled in the Rocky Mountains 15 miles West of Gunnison Colorado, and 38 mile East of Montrose. There are a few routes to get to Blue Mesa Reservoir, and all of them require driving through Colorado’s most exciting and Scenic Roads and mountain passes. Blue Mesa Reservoir is approximately 18 miles long with over 100 feet of shoreline. The lake has Three Basins that form downstream of the Gunnison River. They are the Iola basin, the Cebolla basin and the Lake Fork Basin. The deepest part of the lake reaches depths of 330ft when the lake is full. This deep water pushes up against the 467 foot tall Morrow Point hydroelectric dam. Blue Mesa Reservoir flows from the dam to supply and create Morrow Point Reservoir in the Black Canyon. This reservoir offers incredible, remote fishing opportunities. There are also scenic boat tours and guided boat fishing on this reservoir offered by the Parks Service. Anglers can also hike down to reservoir by way of marked trails.
This reservoir is then dammed again to form the Crystal Reservoir, and Crystal Reservoir Dam. Both of these areas are also part of the Black Canyon. This dam then releases water back into the original Gunnison River and flows to Delta, Colorado. All three bodies of water are man-made with Blue Mesa Dam being built in the 1960’s. Blue Mesa Reservoir is Colorado’s Largest body of water AND Colorado’s largest Kokanee Salmon fishery in Colorado. The kokanee salmon are a landlocked salmon and relative to the saltwater species known as the Sockeye Salmon, native to Alaska. These Colorado Reservoirs are a perfect environment for these salmon and trout because of the large plankton population that thrives in the consistent cold waters temperatures. Other Fish Species that can be found in Blue Mesa Reservoir are rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, lake trout and yellow perch. These fish are spread throughout the lake and you can book a Guided Fishing Trip to catch any of these species, or bring your own boat and try your luck! You can launch at any of the four boat ramps on the lake which are the Lake Fork Marina, Elk Creek Marina, Steven’s creek boat launch and the Iola boat ramp. Information will be available at each boat ramp about the lake, rules and regulations. You will also need to have your boat inspected for any possibility of transporting invasive Mussel Species. Be sure to arrive at the inspection stations early and have your motor and live wells dry. This will help you get on water faster and increase your chances of catching during the famous first light bite!! Blue Mesa Reservoir is operated by the National Parks service in Gunnison, Colorado and is managed as the Curecanti National Recreation area. They help keep the lake healthy, the park fees paid, boaters safe, as well as offer loads of information about the surrounding areas of the lake. There are two Marinas on Blue Mesa Reservoir that offer boat rentals, food, fishing licenses, tackle and information about what's biting. They operate during the peak part of the season and are closed on October 15th. Blue Mesa Reservoir and the Gunnison Basin are incredible areas that offer trophy fishing, water sports and many outdoor activities like Hiking, Biking, Rafting and Hunting. Come visit one of the most beautiful destinations Colorado has to offer and try planning a trip this summer to see what Blue Mesa Reservoir, Gunnison Colorado’s largest body of water, has to offer!

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