Blue Mesa Reservoir

If this is your first time at Blue Mesa, or you are thinking about visiting the Blue Mesa Reservoir, look no further for information about the lake and the surrounding area. This web site is dedicated to all things Blue Mesa Reservoir, Gunnison and South Western Colorado. Our Network of websites have extensive, rich amounts of information and resources about Blue Mesa to help you plan an exciting Colorado Vacation or a great fishing or camping experience. Gunnison Colorado is the only town close to Blue Mesa Reservoir. Gunnison will be your only source for supplies, food, lodging and automobile services. Gunnison Colorado is an old ranch town that is also home to Western State College. This town provides a beautiful, quiet, cool environment nestled in the Rocky Mountains during the peak season. Gunnison supports a large tourist population in the spring through fall and is a second home to many residents of Southern regions and hotter climates. Gunnison offers tourists and second residences cooler temps, hunting, fishing and wilderness activities. The population is said to jump from 5k people in the winter to 25k people in the summer. The evacuation during the winter won’t surprise you when you learn that Gunnison is the third coldest region in Colorado.
On Blue Mesa Reservoir, you can find fishing, hiking and lots of activities to do. The most popular activities are Lake, Shore and River Fishing. The lake has two marinas that will offer fishing licenses and fishing tackle from 7am to 6pm during the peak season. Bring your own gear and you can shore fish anywhere around the lakes edges. Almost all areas of the lake offer good shore fishing for rainbow trout and brown trout. Cast out worms, eggs or cast lures in low light conditions. The Gunnison River, Cebolla River and Lake Fork of the Gunnison offer trophy fly-fishing. Stop in town at Berfield’s Tackle Shop to match the hatch. There are many river accesses that usually require a fee, but are classic hot spots. Park and walk down the river to find your quiet hotspot! You can also book a guided fishing trip! These are more expensive than fishing on your own. But, all you have to do is show up and catch. The experienced guides on the lake know where the fish are and will do their best to put you on a hot bite. You can expect a comfortable boat, top quality tackle and an inclusive adventure. Your fish will cleaned and prepared for you after the trip. These are usually half day trips and you can plan a late afternoon activity after these trips!
Other trips and activities include Rafting, Camping and Hiking. Follow the links to learn more! The immediate areas around Blue Mesa have plenty to see and do! After your fishing excursion, plan on exploring the vast wilderness that surrounds the lake. There are national forest accesses all around the lake as well as trails, campgrounds and day use areas. The Park Service can be very nosy and will intrude upon your quiet day setting. Please follow all the park rules and always carry a valid fishing license. The hiking trails are usually posted at the access, and camping is available at most accesses as well. If you prefer to eat something other than your catch you can stop at Pappy's bar at Elk Creek Marina, or go into Gunnison and find a variety of restaurants and fast food options. Enjoy Gunnison Colorado and Blue Mesa Reservoir on your next trip and we hope to help you with any plans to this area on your next Colorado Vacation!

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